Welcome to Kaiso

Welcome to Kaiso - a spirited beverage created by two people toiling away for the love of good taste, good friends, and a good Trinidadian lime

Why call it Kaiso? Well we chose the name Kaiso as our tribute to our deep roots in Trinidad and Tobago - birthplace of our parents and our home away from home. According to sources, Kaiso comes from the Hausa (West African) word to express approval and delight - the way our French friends might say ‘Bravo!’, when something really hits the mark. For us, Kaiso is more than an exclamation point - it strikes at the heart of who Trinis are as a people. We've taken the word Kaiso and created an original musical genre that has since been adopted by many islands in our Caribbean family. A good kaiso combines sweet melodies with clever lyrics to deliver criticism of the government of the day. As a verse in the song comes to its end, it lands a stinging punchline that brings the crowd to their feet, shouting ‘Kaiso! Kaiso!’.  We hope that a sip of our carefully crafted, dangerously delicious blend of coconut water and fine spirits will have you saying ‘kaiso’ after just one sip!

We created Kaiso with a community spirit in mind. Kaiso will take you back in time to when friends, family and neighbors would gather spontaneously in someone’s kitchen or sit in the ‘gallery’ while a pot bubbled on the stove, its heady aromas of pepper, curry, and other spices mixing with the fragrant perfume of the sea air and thousands of tropical blossoms. Meanwhile, the animated and often entertaining conversation  could be heard from down the street (Trinis are legendary for their storytelling ways), inviting all who pass to join in the fun. This is how we "lime” in Trinidad, and we intend to bring the art of liming back in full force!

photo credit: @rose.jason