Five Ways to Cure Carnival Fever (aka 'Tabanca')

photo credit: Soca News

Friends, we want you to know that we feel your pain. It's a week after #Carnival in #trinidad and you're back at the grind, asking yourself 'How did I get here?'

Only seven days ago we were chipping up Charlotte Street, on our way to crossing the great stage of the mighty Savannah, soaking in the rain, not caring because we were partying to the Full Extreme. But today? All we can do is watch our Countdown to Carnival 2018 Calendar and start calculating how many days are left before we have to stop eating carbs #nottodaytho.

Famalay, #CarnivalTabanca is real - just ask Bunji Garlin.

There's no cure for tabanca, but there ARE some steps you can take to ease the pain.

1. Eat some doubles

Nothing says 'where do we meet the band?' quite like some curried chickpeas slapped between two pieces of soft dough and topped with slight pepper.

2. Speak in soca lyrics whether you're at work or with friends

Prolong the feeling by integrating soca lyrics into your everyday speech. Example: The A train may be running late due to construction, but #wejamminstill.

3. Chip, don't walk

Imagine yourself once again on J'Ouvert morning behind the truck, and chip from your desk to the conference room. If you're feeling extra bold, put your arms around the shoulders of a couple of colleagues and declare them to be your 'circle of best friends'.

4. Wear your headpiece to work

Who said Casual Fridays have to be boring? Spice things up by wearing your neck collar or full headpiece to the Friday morning huddle. For what you paid to play mas, you need to get at least 1,872 wears out of it to break even!

5. Drink a Kaiso

Rich, natural flavors, no additives or preservatives, and a hint of heat are brought together in Kaiso, a silky smooth cocktail made with coconut water, tequila and vodka. If you can't be in Trinidad, at least you can taste it!